Letter to HOA from Clearnetworx Team

Spring has sprung and we know many of you are turning your attention back to your yards. We understand you may discover some previously unnoticed issues with your lawns and sprinkler systems, due to our recent fiber internet construction activity.

Please know Clearnetworx is here to help! We’ve prepared systems and crews to address these concerns quickly and efficiently – within 2 business days in most cases. We are committed to your satisfaction and want to know about and fix any problems related to our construction work as soon as possible.

What we can fix:

  • · Damage to sprinkler systems
  • · Brown patches where trenches were dug (these should turn green soon!)
  • · Any other construction-related issues in your yard

How to reach us:

Please don’t contact the City of Fruita for these concerns. Call Clearnetworx directly at 970-240-6600 or email us at info@clearnetworx.com.

Thank you!

We appreciate your patience and the warm welcome you’ve given us. We look forward to serving the Monument Glen 3 & 4 for years to come.

The Clearnetworx Team