Fruita, Colorado

Monument Glen Homeowners Association

Monument Glen Filing III HOA is a beautiful covenant-controlled community  located in Fruita, Colorado. The subdivision includes 96 homes in Filings 3, 4, 5.

In the Know

HOA Announcements

PLEASE do not enter pond area for any reason.

Irrigation Water

May 17, 2024

Irrigation water is off due to a homeowner line break.

Please make sure you have your own individual underground shut off!

This will ensure the whole system does not have to be turned off due to your property irrigation line break.

Clearnetworx -Fiber Internet Construction

Please don’t contact the City of Fruita for these concerns. Call Clearnetworx directly at 970-240-6600 or email us at

Click here for full letter from Clearnetworx.

Neighborhood Watch

We want to keep our community clean and safe. The more eyes and ears we have protecting our surroundings, the better. Please report Monument Glen common area issues to Board. You can submit the contact form below. Please report any non-emergency illegal or suspicious activity to Fruita Police Department. (970) 858-3008 


Please don’t forget that if you live on Sagittarius Street, it is your responsibility to care for the weeds just outside your fence along  K 4/10 Road. 

Elm & Cottonwood Seedlings

Please do not let Elm and Cottonwood seedlings grow in your yard! The potentially invasive roots can be problematic for irrigation, pavement, sidewalks. The pollen can be allergenic.

Roofs & Fascia

Monument Glen homes are showing age. Fascia is peeling (horizontal band which runs along the lower edge of a roof). Please use a good metal exterior paint to repair. Also, roofs need to be replaced. Estimates are ranging from $8,000-$13,000. 

New Owners

Welcome to the neighborhood! Please fill out this form so the Directors have a quick way to contact you in case of an emergency. (Water leak issues, broken irrigation while you’re away, etc).

In the Know

HOA Announcements

HOA Responsibility

Please be aware that the State mandates we have an HOA. Homeowner Associations are responsible for the maintenance, preservation, and architectural control of the real property as described in the Articles of Incorporation. The Board of Directors volunteer their time and energy to care for the management of the entire Association and of its members.

Get Involved

Do you want to help make our neighborhood comfortable and clean? Do you have skills that we could use? Please contact us and we’ll put you to work for the good of our community.

Who we are

HOA Board Members

Wade Livingston


Johanna Gardner

Vice President

Yvonne Hall


Please contact the association directly for any additional documents.

  • Annual budgets and financial reports
  • Board member names and contact information
  • General member correspondence
  • Minutes of meetings
Monument Glen HOA

Frequently Asked Questions

Which Homes are in this HOA?
Monument Glen Filing III HOA subdivision includes these streets: Powell, Sagittarius, Andromeda, Aries Court, Capricorn, Corona Court, Polaris Court, Scorpio Court, one house on Libra, and Taurus.
Monument Glen 1 & 2 phases are from Locust street, near the round-about, and west from there.
What am I required to shovel when it snows?

City of Fruita requires you to clear snow off your sidewalk within 24 hours of a snowfall, though the sooner the better because once it is walked on it is harder to remove.

Who do I call for Nuisance Dogs?

Call the Fruita Police Department. 

Click here for Fruita Police Barking Log form

Can I install a new fence around my yard?

Fencing or any other changes must be approved by the Board/architectural control committee before obtaining a permit from the city of Fruita.

Who do I contact about non-running vehicles?

You can contact the HOA Board or the city of Fruita. For any other covenant violations, please contact the HOA Board by filling the form below.

How do I schedule regular trash pickup?

Trash pickup is currently on Thursday mornings. The schedule is posted on You can print the recycle schedule from there as well. 970-858-3663 to sign up for recycle.

When can I start watering my lawn?

You can water once the water is on, however, we use this watering schedule.

Water on TUESDAYS, THURSDAYS, SATURDAYS & 1st & 3rd Mondays

Water on WEDNESDAYS, FRIDAYS, SUNDAYS & 2nd & 4th Mondays

When water is turned on, there is a notice at the park and at the pond.

Contact Us

If you have questions or want to get involved, please fill out this form and we will get back with you as soon as we can.

Contact MGHOA

Monument Glen HOA
Monument Glen Filing III HOA, Inc.
Filings 3, 4, 5
P.O. Box 592
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